You Can and Do Make A Difference

Believe in YOURSELF ...
because that is the greatest gift you can give yourself

Investing in yourself ~ Take Charge / Be responsible ~ Reach out to others ~ Be your own navigator in life ~ Make a difference.


To help individuals realize their full potential by providing resources and encouragement to lift and empower one to live a richer life... better life.

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Sunday in June 2014 (TBA)
5:15 PM - 6 PM

Vitalogy Wellness Clinic

Guest: Dr. Farah Sultan

Join Women Reaching Out, Betsy Frazer as she talks with Dr. Farah Sultan founder of Vitalogy Wellness Clinic in Homewood on Lochamy & Linderburg Show on 97.7 The Peach TBA in June. more...


Women Reaching Out | 97.7 FM "The Peach" |
Call in during the show: (205) 605-0733 · Toll Free 1-855-977-9663
Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce